As Kiziroğlu Gıda, we pursue the policy of proceeding on our way as a leader and role model company in cake, chocolate and ice cream sectors, in which we are the leader and to which we appeal, with dried nut types we produce, spices we grind, dried nuts we coat, hazelnut creams, ice cream sauces and coatings by:

  • continuously improving our activities by complying with the requirements of the management systems we have,
  • producing safe food within the framework of the requirements ruled by customers, laws and legislations and national standards in a healthy and safe working environment without harming natural resources and with advancing technology,
  • training the personnel in occupational health and safety, environmental health and protection and food safety and raising customer and supplier awareness of the aforementioned,
  • performing reviews at certain periods, and
  • setting goals for improving and increasing the level of safe food production by paying regard to environmental pollution and occupational health and safety.